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Preparing for the Solar Eclipse: Essential Tips and Excitement Ahead!

Preparing for the Solar Eclipse brought excitement, with the mix of anticipation, gear prep, and the ever-unpredictable Cleveland weather. Our home sat about 5 miles off the center line of totality, so I opted for a spot nearer to it—a well-known public park, Solstice Steps at Lakewood Park.

Finding parking proved a challenge, taking an hour, but I managed to set up my tripod just in time for the eclipse’s onset. Despite a moment of panic struggling to remove the lens filter during totality and a few blooper shots, like accidentally disturbing the Infinity setting, the experience was enjoyable.

This being my first attempt at capturing a total solar eclipse, it came with valuable lessons: practice relentlessly and anticipate all scenarios. Handling a hefty 200-500mm lens on a tripod proved tricky, especially with the sun high in the sky.

The totality lasted around 4 minutes, but behind the lens, time sped by. Before I knew it, the spectacle was over. Nonetheless, it was a thrilling and memorable experience, filled with fun and excitement.