A Nikon photographer, inspired to craft visual stories through the pictures and videos I capture. ©️ All rights reserved.

Meet Kishore: The Photographer Behind the Lens

Hey there, I’m Kishore, a proud Ohio resident who’s always seeking new adventures.

I like Ohio and Michigan too!

Ohio has incredible parks, lakes, diversity, and of coarse charm of all four seasons. (wish winter is limited to 2 months! ). For me the park system in Ohio stands out, and I feel lucky to have access to gems like the Cuyahoga Valley National Park, Lake Erie shoreline and many reservations around Cuyahoga River!

In my photography endeavors, I rely on a variety of Nikon cameras (not necessarily the latest models), multiple Nikkor lenses, a modest drone, and occasionally dabble in Canon gear, all complemented by my trusty iPhone. My first preference is always use a fast lens with wider apertures.

HOBBYNIKON.COM showcases a collection of my photography work, captured mostly with Nikon cameras, lenses, and equipment.