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Capturing the Magic: My Adventure Photographing the Manhattan Skyline at Sunset

When I got my hands on a camera lens that could capture low light well, my goal became to take pictures of the Manhattan skyline right after sunset. I had always wanted to do this and had practiced taking photos in low light.

I got the chance to go to New York in mid-April 2016, and I was excited to go to Pier 3 in Brooklyn Heights Promenade. It was still cold in mid-April, and the breeze from the East River made it even colder. But I managed to get there before sunset and took some pictures. Watching the skyline light up with blue skies behind it, and seeing the occasional ferry pass by, was amazing.

I really love New York! If you’re into photography, there’s always something interesting to capture in every corner of the city. I just wish I had remembered to keep the focus on infinity for some of the shots.

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