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Red Cardinals: Ohio’s Iconic State Bird

As a photographer, I have a special appreciation for Red Cardinals, particularly during the winter months.

Initially, I believed they primarily inhabited large forests, but a visit to CVNP visitor’s center in Brecksville provided me with new insights – they coexist with us too!

They display remarkable territorial behavior, often exhibiting serious attitude. Native to Ohio, Northern Cardinals (Cardinalis cardinalis) are a familiar sight across the state, frequenting wooded areas, suburban landscapes, parks, and gardens all year round.

Their vibrant plumage and cheerful melodies have made them State Bird of Ohio

Observing them in my own backyard adds an extra layer of fascination, as I can capture their beauty without venturing far. It’s become apparent that some resident red cardinals return annually, using our backyard trees for raising their offspring. Their appearance undergoes dramatic transformations as they mature and molt, and their agile, detective-like behavior never fails to impress me. They don’t trust anyone!

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